Saturday, September 8, 2018

At the Bata Shoe Museum….

 everything is about shoes.

From its building–inspired by a shoe box–designed 
by Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama
in downtown Toronto Ontario, 

 … to its window display created from 3-D printed shoes forming the 10 provincial and territorial flowers in honor of the anniversary of the Canadian Confederation,

… to a 42 foot wall of faceted glass with images of shoes; shoemakers, and shoe parts, 

… to shoemaker’s leather used for signage, coat-check, and the reception desk,

… to shoes to try on,

… to seating ,  
… shoes are everywhere.
Old shoes, new shoes, famous shoes, our shoes are displayed, celebrated, and reflected everywhere. 

Even the BataShoe Museum’s community initiatives are around shoes: The Storyboot Project, The Warm the Sole Sock Drive, and The Shoe Project